Mono for Minnow Board Max (x86) and Windows IoT Core

Just like previous attempts with the Intel Galileo, I wanted to get mono running for test purposes.  IoT Core comes with CoreClr so generally mono isn’t needed, but I had quite a few dependencies on things that were unsupported in CoreClr.  Mono was easier to port over than to hack up a large codebase, especially if I only want to test ballpark performance.

This is the last thing I’ll probably ever do with Mono in this context.  Raspberry Pi is an ARM processor and the Mono codebase doesn’t support ARM on Windows at the moment.  My assembly is crap (I tried.  I swear) and didn’t care to invest the time.

In any case, if you are in the same situation as me here’s the link to the bins. I haven’t done much testing, but things seem to “just work”,  though Console.ReadXyz() don’t seem to work under the IoT powershell session.

Download binaries here


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