Managed Galileo Arduino-ish Stuff

With some pointers from @Pete_Brown and @BretStateham, I started writing a .NET interop layer for the Galileo I/O stuff that currently only exists as a C++ API.  This includes the GPIO, Analog-to-Digital converters, I2C, PWM and SPI APIs.  This will allow folks to use the mono, currently, to control the I/O that comes natively with the device.

At the moment, I largely only have the p/invoke (mostly) completed.  These mostly need a .NET style wrapper around them.  This is mostly simple work that needs to be done, but it’s not all straightforward.  Looking the the C++ SDK code for the Ardunio, there are port mappings for the pins.  This seems to be from the C++ SDK striving to have an Arduino style API (which is possibly some unofficial “standard” amongst devices) and things like I/O ports are different on the Galileo.

No promises for finishing this up soon, but the code so far is here on github here.

One comment

  1. Anass

    Please can you tell me how i can use this with my Galileo Gen 2.
    I don’t find port mapping .


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